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I serve women owned small businesses here at Madalyn Yates Creative. Together we create a strategic plan to bring heart & soul to your brand through storytelling photos & beyond.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me hanging out in my office, sipping on a latte at local coffee shops, baking something delicious & traveling the world.


I know I know, we are halfway through January, crazy right? I also think I’m crazy because I told myself on New Years Eve that I would blog more than once a quarter. So here I am, blogging some of the best moments and some goals that were made in 2017! This may be a big blog but it is fully of fun and exciting information!

January 1st, 2017 I really wanted to refocus and recharge my business. I wanted to focus on what my mission and my purpose in being a wedding photographer was and still is!

I want you to feel invited to come as you are, to feel beautiful and to have fun. I want to freeze special moments in time so that when you’re reminiscing on your wedding day or special event you can look back at the photographs and relive the day. Photographing love stories gives me butterflies every time. I finish each session or wedding ready for the next love story to unfold. This is a section from my Pricing & Packaging Guide I send to my potential brides! But I do truly believe those words and want to continue to pursue those and encourage those every day.

Some photography goals for 2017 that were accomplished:

O.Henry Hotel and Proximity Hotel owned by Quaintance Weaver here in Greensboro. Not only did I do some photography for the company itself but I also photographed a wedding at BOTH of the venues!  Both very special and unique wedding days!

– I attended a Photography Workshop in Charleston, SC along with 15 other photographers who were all searching for a community to vent with, work with, and share their victories with! It was a great weekend! (Charleston Workshop – Southern Wedding!) Click the link if you want to read about that, also my last blog in 2017, haha!

– I wanted to book 2 or more out of state weddings for 2018 and I did! I actually just returned from Florida for my first (coming to the blog soon!) and I have one in Atlanta, GA and then one in Knoxville, TN in April! I am very excited to share my talents and passions to other areas!

– All my venues for 2018 are venues I have never shot at! To some that may seem scary but I am so excited to capture love stories at new, to me, venues.

Now you may be wondering what some of my 2018 Goals and Bucket List Venues Are!

A few venues that I would love to photograph a wedding in North Carolina are; Merrimon Wynne, The Bradford & Fearrington Village ! These venues are all venues that I have seen wedding photographers that I look up to work at and it would be amazing to be able to experience what they do!

A few venues that are not in North Carolina that I’d love to book at wedding at are; The Bolt Farm Treehouse (how awesome would that be??) and then they say to go big or go home so a Dream Venue to shoot at would be The White Sparrow in Texas!

As far as some goals; I’d love to incorporate my faith and my spiritual background in my client gifts. I want them to know my background and that if they ever need someone to call on and talk non-wedding stuff they can call me! I am looking for ways to share the love of God with my brides  & grooms.

I would love to do two styled shoots a year so to kick it off I am doing on at the end of this month at The Public here in Greensboro! I am very excited to keep my creative juices flowing and collaborate with a new venue and vendors! These photos were from a styled wedding in August! They are so much fun!! (Check it out here!)

Alright, friends! That is a wrap for now! I feel like I could ramble on but if you want to chat, lets!

XO, Madalyn


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