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Capturing a Proposal!

why I think it’s the next best thing!

Two journal entries in a week, say what? Well, I am once again really trying to get back in the saddle of journaling each session and then personal travels with you!

This entry is very special and it highlights something that I believe is very special and something as a photographer I think is meaningful and the next best thing … hiring a photographer to document your proposal!

The moments leading up to a proposal are some of the most sentimental moments. Its the time right before you ask your partner to spend forever with you. And then as for the partner being asked, they, for the most part, have NO idea what is about to happen! So the moments leading up to you getting down on one knee provoke emotions; emotions that should be captured for sure! And this is where I come in, whether I’m hiding in the bushes or behind a curtain, I am capturing each and every motion. It is so exciting for me because I get to see the beginning of the next leg of your adventure; your love story! I have the pleasure to see you cry, smile, laugh whatever emotions the moment brings!

SO, last Wednesday, I had the pleasure to photograph a proposal! It was the sweetest time! I was contacted by the Jordan, sister of Jessica, the soon-to-be bride about my wedding packages. Jordan was doing research even before her sister was engaged, talk about being prepared! I told Jordan that I’d be happy to email her my packages, etc and then I asked so when is Hunter going to propose? She said TONIGHT! I squealed to myself, and said to Jordan, “does Hunter want a photographer?” She talked with him and moments later she said, “He’d love that!” Well, five hours later, the special moment happened and I was there to photograph it! Here are some photos from the proposal!

How did Hunter fool Jessica into having no idea he was going to propose? Well, Jordan and Jessica are part of Alpha Chi Omega at UNC Greensboro and as a tradition, they have a candle lighting ceremony whenever someone is going to get engaged! All the sisters knew someone was going to get engaged but they had NO IDEA it would be Jessica! So they all formed a circle and Jordan purposely stood next to Jessica. In the circle they sing a song three times and at the beginning of the third time, Jordan passed the candle back to Jessica and Jessica was so confused! She looked back and saw Hunter and was absolutely SHOCKED!

The great news, SHE SAID YES!

For this special journal entry, I asked Jessica & Hunter to share their thoughts! After the proposal, I sent them three prompts to think about and answer when they were ready!

I asked them;

What were your feelings leading up to the special moment?

What were your feelings IN the moment?

and then, What is your favorite thing about your fiance?

Here are Jessica’s responses;

I had absolutely no clue that this was happening last night. We had talked about it previously and had gone and looked at rings but hunter kept telling me that we wouldn’t get engaged until after He got back from basic in April. I had FINALLY come to terms with it and then this happened. {Now Jessica will have a wedding to plan while Hunter is at basic training, a great way to pass time!}

Whenever Hunter was down on his knee every single emotion and image of what I have previously pictured in my head of it happening flooded to me at that exact moment. I was overwhelmed with emotion and just felt pure bliss. It was hard for me to even grasp what was happening because we have dreamt of this for so long now.

My favorite thing about Hunter is his caring personality. He always puts others before himself and never fails to make sure that I am happy and taken care of. He has the kindest heart and has an obvious passion to serve and help people. I am so proud to say that I am marrying my very best friend!!

Here are Hunters responses;

My emotions leading up to it were very anxious feelings and to be honest in the time leading up I did not feel that nervous but as I began to walk out of the building and walk out towards jess that is when all of the emotion and nerves came over me and I was scared that when I got down on one knee that nothing would come out and I would be just giving her a blank stare because of how nervous I was. Another thing running through my mind is that is that I really hope she is going to be surprised and that she did not figure out that this ceremony was for her.

As I said above the emotions as it was happening was paralyzing as I was scared that nothing would come out and I would just freeze but as she turned around and saw me and was so surprised I knew that this worked out perfectly! I was so filled with joy as I asked her to marry me, with her full name of course, and as she responded with yes, all those nerves that I had just washed away! {I am obsessed with guys saying full names so that is a definite win in my book, way to go Hunter!}

My favorite thing about Jess is that no matter where we are or who we are with she always commands a room with not only how beautiful she is on the outside but also with how beautiful she is on the inside. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people that you will ever meet and it is easily noticeable just by looking at her.

So, a BIG congratulations to Jessica & Hunter!

Sweet, isn’t it? I’d love to photograph more surprise proposals so if you are planning one or know someone who is, pass my name along and I would love to chat! XO, Madalyn


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