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Hi friends! Happy October! I can’t believe it is almost the end of 2018 and a start of a new year! Crazy how time flies! I wanted to pop on and share a recap of the end of my September and some new things going on with me and my business! YAY!

At the end of September, I packed my bags and headed across the country to Washington State! It was my first time traveling that far but it was for the best reason ever! I went to visit some new friends, now some of my closest friends, in a little town called Pateros!

Snuggled away in between apple and cherry orchards is the Delight & Be House! Some of you may be familiar with the non-profit Christian organization called Delight & Be and well, this cozy home is where Kristin and her team hosts young ladies through out the year for workshops and retreats! I was in town for their [BE] Content Workshop and let me tell you, it was the best decision I’ve made in a while! To escape the business, the bigger city, and just go to a place of unknown, it was SO good!

Doesn’t this front porch just look so inviting? I was in love right when I saw it!

The purpose of the [BE] Content Workshop was focused on finding contentment during busy or hard seasons of life. Now, I am not saying the season of life I am in is overly busy or super hard, but we all have our moments where we just want to throw it in a basket, am I right? Attending this workshop allowed me to gain a clearer perspective on putting aside things that don’t hold a permanent grip and focusing on the things that create a lifetime of peace, grace, & joy.

I know I mentioned above about sharing some NEW things with me and the one thing that I am super excited about is I am now the Delight & Be Snail Mail captain! What does that mean, exactly? I am now the friendly face that sends out monthly newsletters to the subscribers of Delight & Be! I have the pleasure to great them with exciting announcements and encouraging scripture each month! How exciting is that? Being 25, I wanted to see how I could invest in being a part of Delight & Be and through praying and talking with Kristin & Marcia, we decided this would be the perfect way for that! Not only will I be doing the newsletter, but I will also help with their Pinterest board! Woo!

So two things that you can do after you finish reading this entry are:

ONE: Subscribe to Delight & Be if you haven’t already! We may be doing a GIVEAWAY to encourage you to subscribe!

TWO: Go follow our Pinterest board! (Currently a work in progress, but still follow!) It’s a small glimpse of what and how we do what we do at the Delight House with scripture downloads, delicious recipes and photographs of our times together!

Being at the Delight House was so sweet and I met some of the sweetest gals with the biggest hearts! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them! If you’re 18-22 and looking for an amazing community I strongly encourage you to jump on in and get involved NOW! Because you’ll regret it when you get to 25 😉 Just messing with you! I don’t regret it at all, but it truly is a wonderful community of girls building each other up one valley at a time!


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