Wedding Trends for 2019 that Madalyn Yates Photography would LOVE to see!

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As photographers we see a lot of beautiful wedding trends and I wanted to jump on and share TEN wedding trends that I would love to see and photograph in 2019!

Let’s start with bridesmaids dresses! I am a lover of florals in general so I would love to see some floral printed bridesmaids dresses! I believe having a floral printed dress will curate a beautiful contrast between the bride & her tribe. They don’t have to be bright and bold florals because we don’t want to take the attention off of the beautiful bride, am I right? But a subtle, pastel floral print would be beautiful!

These are so beautiful and even though they aren’t identical they still blend well and would create a beautiful color palette especially with a bride in the middle!

Floral & Solids!

Now, here we have a mix of floral and solid and I am LOVING this! Also, love that the bridesmaids bouquets aren’t as powerful as the brides. That allows the bride to stand out on her big day as she should!

Next up! Last year, I photographed a gorgeous winter wedding and absolutely LOVED the way the bride & groom displayed their vows during their vow reading and during the reception! They bought pieces of acrylic and then hand wrote their vows on them! It was truly creative and very special. Then during the reception, they had them on little stands for people to see and read! So so sweet. So, the number two trend is creative displays for your vows or other wedding decor.

This is also a beautiful way to display your vows. And after the wedding, you can hang them up in your home as a reminder of your special day!

Can I get an amen about possibly seeing different colored grooms suits? I love a good grey, black or navy but I feel like we could have some new and unique colors this year, what do you think? Last year, I saw a lot of bold prints, velvet, and fun colors so I would love to photograph some this year as well!

Gosh! I love this color in general, but I think it would love amazing as a grooms suit! What a unique statement that everyone will love!!!

First of all, an oatmeal colored suit makes me hungry but isn’t it lovely? It has amazing textures and creates a creamy vibe. If that makes sense, ha!

Are you ready for some cuteness? I know I AM! How do you feel about PUPPY BOUQUETS?? I am all for it, hands down! We all love puppies regardless so having them on your wedding day as you walk down the aisle would make everyones heart flutter! Here is a picture so you can see what I am drooling over!

So now the we’ve drooled over the sweet puppies, let’s move on to DESSERT! I love a pretty wedding cake but you know what I more about? A dessert bar. Assorted desserts for your guests to pick and choose! Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who don’t like cake. So, lets make a dessert bar so everyone can have their “cake” and eat it too! You could do donuts, pies, cookies, the ideas are endless!

Since we are on the food topic, I think 2019 should be the year of FOOD TRUCKS! I hear so many stories about catering being the worst nightmare for weddings; just because there are so many little details that need to be figured out. So, by choosing one or two food trucks, you guests have the option to choose which food that want and it creates conversation starters at the table! Because I know you’ve been the awkward guest who doesn’t know how to start the conversation 😉 There are so many different types of food trucks but here are a few!

how cute is this! what a fun addition to your reception for your guests to enjoy!

Okay, okay, this isn’t in North Carolina but I had to give them a shout out! This is too darling!

Enough with the food, let’s talk WEDDING gowns!!!! I love a unique wedding dress. I love the story it tells, the photos it creates, and the bride it dresses! Pockets have been oh so popular but I think we should see more beaded cupped sleeved dresses this year! I love the details that the beading shares and think it creates gorgeous textures for photographs and our eye to see! These two photographs are of the same gown but I love how from different angles the dress looks different! Oh how beautiful!

Before the wedding day, you have to create wedding Save The Dates and/or Wedding Invitations! I am a sucker for a personal, detailed wedding invitation suite! Not only is it awesome to receive them in the mail but they are also wonderful to photograph on the day of with all your wedding day details! So I encourage you to budget so that you can invest in a wedding stationary designer so you too can have beautiful wedding invitations! Of course, I am going to shout out to Design by Laney because she’s oh so talented and lovely to work with!

Last but not least, I believe in adventure! I love a couple who isn’t afraid of being creative and being adventurous for their wedding photography!!! Whether it is an adventurous engagement session or an adventurous wedding, COUNT ME IN! I may be based in Greensboro but my suitcase is packed and ready to explore!

Well friends, that’s a wrap! I had so much fun creating this journal entry for you and I hope you enjoy it as well! Let me know if you have any questions especially if you’re planning a wedding with all of the above involved because I’d LOVE to work with you!



P.S. The majority of these photographs are collected from Pinterest! With the exception of my own scattered throughout. If you want to reach the owner of the photographs, just click on the photo and it will guide you there! Thanks!


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