Paislee & Will – Forest Hall at Chatham Mills Wedding – Pittsboro North Carolina

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On August 10th, 2019 Paislee became a MRS!

Paislee and Will awaited this day for ten years, friends! Their wedding day was a beautiful reflection of their relationship; then and now. From the beginning of the day there were many happy tears shed – a surprise videographer, and emotional first look and a heartfelt wedding ceremony, there wasn’t a dry eye in sight! Paislee and Will wanted their friends and family to feel at home; but not their guests homes but their home. They had special touches through the entire venue that resembled their relationship. It was so sweet!

Paislee’s mother and grandmother was with her as she got into her wedding dress, what a sweet moment! You could feel the love between the three generations for sure!

Head on down to see Nana hitting the dance floor! It’s worth the scroll!

Once Paislee was dressed, we headed outside for her first look with Will and the unburying of the bourbon! Supposedly that is a good luck charm for no rain on your wedding day! You come a bury the bourbon at your wedding venue and then unbury it together before the ceremony. And of course, we had to take a bourbon shot to calm the nerves!

Something really special about their ceremony is their triangular arch! Together they built that!! I was blown away! I know that takes a lot of hard work, so I was very impressed! I love when my couples are creative too!

Well, I could probably write more but I’ll keep it short and sweet! Thank you for including me on your special day Paislee & Will! Wishing you many years of happiness, love & laughter! XO


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