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I serve women owned small businesses here at Madalyn Yates Creative. Together we create a strategic plan to bring heart & soul to your brand through storytelling photos & beyond.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me hanging out in my office, sipping on a latte at local coffee shops, baking something delicious & traveling the world.


Hi, hi, hi! It’s time to play let’s get to know Madalyn!

Here is 10 Things You May or May Not Know About Me!

1) I hiked 45 miles every summer with my churches youth group! We went hiking with an organization called, Wilderness Trail in Troutdale, Virginia and hiked 45 miles over the course of 4 and a half days on the Appalachian Trail! It was quite amazing and such a great experience! So over 6 years, I hiked 270 miles!

2) I went to Costa Rica 3 years in a row also with my youth group! For three summers, we would take a group of 12-15 people to San Ramon, Costa Rica for a week long mission trip! During the week we would do vacation bible school for the kids in the poverty neighborhood & then during the evening we would spend time learning about the Gospel! This meant a lot to me back then but still does and it eventually led me to …

3) I spent a MONTH in El Salvador on a self-organized missions trip! After spending time in Costa Rica through out high school and going on a retreat with my youth group, I decided to partner with Compassion International and sponsor a child through their sponsorship program! Sponsoring a child looks a lot like having a penpal in another country, in this case El Salvador! In addition to writing letters to Jose, I would send a monthly gift for his family to help pay for food, shelter, clothing, etc. After sponsoring Jose for a little over two years, I decided to meet him! Long story short, he lived in El Salvador and I reached out to Compassion International and made a trip to meet him! But I also coordinated my own month long trip and partnered with Love & Hope Children’s Home in El Salvador! I stay with them onsite and helped with the 20+ little ones that lived there! It was so eye-opening and a wonderful experience! If you’d like to know more about this, I’d love to grab coffee and chat!

4) I used to want to open a coffee shop! Even when I decided I wanted to be a photographer, I also wanted (and sometimes still do!) to own a coffee shop! If you don’t know, I LOVE coffee! I think I’ve even reached a point that the caffeine doesn’t affect me anymore even though I only drink 1-2 cups a day!

5) I have 7 tattoos! On my 18th birthday, I went to the tattoo shop by myself and I got my first tattoo! Its a cross on my left shoulder – funny story, people ask me if it hurt and well the answer is yes but I was able to tune out with music playing and the artist had to shake me to tell me it was done! After that tattoo, I got mountains on my neck, a camera on my wrist, then lavender & the words Ever be on my forearm, then the words Never Stop on my opposite arm! Then the most recent tattoos are my sunrise & a tiny airplane! I wonder what is next?

6) I have an obsession with Magnolia aka Chip & Joanna Gaines! So much so that each year I have my own birthday celebration dinner and the food is from the Magnolia Cookbook! I also planned my own trip to Waco, TX last year for my 25th birthday! It was a wonderful time, read about it more here!

7) Bringing up my trip to Waco, shares that I love to travel! In 2018 I visited, New York City, Waco, Washington State, Charleston, Knoxville & Chattanooga! In 2019 so far I’ve returned to New York City, Charleston, and visited Nashville for the first time! I have a really BIG trip planned for 2020 but I can’t say anything about it quite yet!

8) I don’t have cable but my favorite TV shows consist of The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Grey’s Anatomy, YOUNGER, Good Trouble, The Resident & new obsession is Reef Break! I have an antenna which allows me to watch them live but also Hulu to catch up!

9) I don’t believe in microwaves. I know, I know weird! When growing up my mom was against having a microwave to eliminate processed foods & the re-heating concept. She also heated things up on the stove top! We almost didn’t move into our home in Dunedin because it had a microwave! She sucked it up and we moved in anyways but we barely used the microwave! Now in my own home, I don’t have one! People are always so shocked!

10) And finally, my favorite colors are blush pink, lavender & yellow! Nothing much to say with that other than they bring happiness to me!

Thanks for reading along! XO


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