How to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day

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Living in a state where the weather is a hit or miss, it is very important to have a rain plan for your wedding! One day the forecast is calling for clear skies and sunshine and then the next day is 100% thunderstorms, am I right? Or even if it is sunny in the morning and a sudden change the next hour! The North Carolina weather is silly! So, the big question is how do you deal with rain on your wedding day and I am here to share a few tips with you!

Have clear umbrellas on hand! I always bring 2-4 clear umbrellas with me to use for bride & groom portraits so at least you are under cover for your portraits! A lot of venues actually have about 10-12 clear umbrellas as well for full bridal party photos!

Make sure your venue has an indoor back up rain plan! And not just any kind of rain back up plan but a beautiful, pleasing back up that is just as gorgeous as your original plan! You have to be super excited about it!

In addition to have a back up rain plan also if your venue has indoor areas that are neutral and pleasing to the eye, then we can do bridal party photos indoors.

Be open to ideas that the photographer may have! When we are in a crunch we have to creative! So it may not look like your ideal thought but as photographers we can see past the original photo!

And lastly, be just as excited! After all, you’re getting married!!! Rain or no rain!

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