Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Holden Shelton – A Ceremony in the Meadows

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You brought them to this point; the help of so many, the love of so many, the care of so many. We release them to this bond, you’re the center of it Jesus; your name be glorified in their marriage, in their home.

Saturday March 21st, became such a special day to Jessica & Holden. A special day to everyone that made their wedding plan D come to life. Jessica & Holden made a promise to love one another through valleys & and mountain tops, a vow to pick up each other’s pieces and help grow them back together. It may of not been the way they imagined but it sure was the way our God imagined!

On Saturday morning, Jessica’s roommates helped her get ready at her childhood home while Jessica’s mom and family gathered everything to be delivered to the ceremony spot; a small meadow that symbolized so many memories for Jessica’s family. Once everyone was ready, friends & family prayed for Jessica and Holden; the Spirit of the Lord was so so evident and it was a wonderful way for them both to enter into their marriage. Then a special first touch between Jessica & Holden followed by a first look with Jessica’s dad! After the ceremony, all the guests celebrated with cake and light appetizers! Such a joyful moment and wonderful new chapter in Jessica & Holden’s love story.

I’m a forever grateful for Jessica, Holden and all their family. There were many moments when I caught myself crying because the day was so genuine, full of joy and we all forgot the reasoning to why March 21 was their new wedding date. The friends and family that Jessica and Holden chose to include on their new wedding date each meant something special to them and it was so evident; God was there and His name is forever being praised.

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