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Part 3 of the How to Prepare for The Branding Experience: Location Edition

This was at The Graham Mill for The Welcoming Co. Branding Experience.

Do you envision a location that fits all of your requirements for your branding experience? Most likely! Do you mainly work from home but you don’t want to use your home office for your branding photography? I totally get that!

In this week’s blog post, I am going to share 5 Tips on How to Choose the Location for Your Branding Experience! And they are practical, easy steps that you can kind in mind for your branding experience!

  • Tip #1: Natural Light – By having natural light, your photographer will be able to offer a soft light feel versus a harsh feeling. Even if we have to use a flash, we can bounce the flash off of the natural light that is available to avoid the shadows of the other light ie. the ambient light to the ceiling.

    • Find windows – whether it’s one window or a whole wall of windows, as a photographer, I strive to use the natural light from windows.

    • Have the availability to be outside – I love to have the option to take my clients outside for part of their experience! It gives a different feel.

    • Open doors to allow natural light to flow in – If the venue doesn’t offer a lot of windows, be sure to have your set-up near a door where you can open it up to allow light in!

  • Tip #2: Clean Walls – I know it sounds silly, but having tidy, clean walls is so important!

    • Gives your photographer the option to provide landscape hero images that you can then use for your website

    • Allows your audience to focus on YOU versus the distractions of the walls! You can include walls with photos, but make sure they aren’t cluttered or the focus … unless of course you want them to be the focus!

  • Tip #3: Diverse Backgrounds – This is super fun & important to your experience! This goes back to having the ability to be outside – having the option for a white wall, a brick wall, a photo wall, etc is so so important! Look how Anna made use of all the backdrops HERE in this recap of her branding experience!

  • And lastly, Tip #4: Make it Meaningful – This plays a role in setting the overall tone of your Branding Experience! You want to choose a location that reflects your brand or personality! Being comfortable is essential to your experience. For the MYP Branding Experience, we do two locations so that means you get to choose two places that reflect your brand! Feel free to bounce ideas off of me when we are in the planning stages!

Alright, friends! If you read this and you’re ready to take the next step and invest in your brand, I’d love to walk you through this and dig even deeper together as we Bring Life into Your Brand!

You can schedule your Coffee Chat, here!

And as always, I am here to serve you so if you need me, I’ll be here!

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