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When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me hanging out in my office, sipping on a latte at local coffee shops, baking something delicious & traveling the world.


Hey friends! Every year, I love to share my bucket list for adventure & destination photo sessions! So for my 2021 Bucket List, they are all within the USA due to the pandemic, but they are all equally amazing to ones out of the USA! Honestly, that just goes to show how incredible the country is and what amazing places it has to offer!

This year’s list is heavy on the Mid West & the West Coast just because I live on the East Coast – so I will start on one side and finish on the other. Let’s start cruising through the 2021 Bucket List!


For a girl who loves mountains and being outdoors, I am so surprised I haven’t been to Oregon before! Two specific places I would love to explore are Cannon Beach & Coos Bay! Both are beach heavy but my Florida heart would love to see some beaches!


So, I’ve been to California before but only to San Fransisco and a very brief stop in Los Angeles! And those places are both very city-like with hustle and bustle but these two places on my Bucket List are not (or at least they don’t appear to be!) Palm Springs & Salvation Mountain are the two places I’d love to go to in CA! Both full of life & color which I feel represents me very well!

2021 USA Bucket List Salvation Mountain, California
Salvation Mountain image from Pinterest


You thought I was kidding when I said my list is mostly on the West Coast! Now we’re switching it up and moving to the Mid West! Some of my photographer friends went out to Utah in 2020 and I immediately became jealous and added Booneville Salt Flats to my Bucket List – oh my word! Can you just imagine the photographs from there?? #dreams. One more spot in Utah I wouldn’t mind exploring is Moab!

Booneville Salt Flats USA Bucket List
Booneville Salt Flats image from Pinterest


Well, I am shocked I haven’t made it out here sooner because over the past two years multiple friends & family members of mine have moved somewhere in Colorado! They also live all over the state so when I do make it out there, it’ll be a great way to see literally everything! Places I want to definitely see are Garden of the Gods, Caribou Lake, & Blue Lakes Trail! Here is a great blog post I found about the Top Hikes in CO, thanks Hand Luggage Only!

Caribou Lake 2021 USA Bucket List
Caribou Lake image from Pinterest


And finally back to the East Coast but to a place, I’ve only been once and it was back in middle school before I knew photography was my passion so obviously I had to add to my list! I have family in Maine & Massachusetts which makes this even better! Some specific places I’d love to see are Martha’s Vineyard and then of course all the lighthouses!

Martha's Vineyard 2021 Bucket List
Martha’s Vineyard image from Pinterest


If you know me you might be shocked by this! Now I don’t want to go to my hometown (even though it has changed over the past 6 years!) but I’d love to go back and stay in Rosemary Beach & 30A area for a few days and live the luxurious life! When I went this past summer, I only day tripped to the gorgeous area but next time, I want to splurge and stay right in the midst of the beautiful space.

Rosemary Beach Alys Beach 30A 2021 USA Bucket List
Rosemary Beach image by me

Well, that’s it my friends!

Now, all that’s stopping me from packing my suitcase and hitting the road (or the runway) is YOU! Tell me in the comments where I should go first & if you’ve been to any of these amazing places! One of the perks of being a photographer is that I can do my job anywhere and if your dream backdrop is any of these places on my 2021 USA Bucket List, be sure to reach out because I’d love to photograph you there! Or even for a branding session in the same state at your office, that works too! Shoot me a DM on Instagram to book your adventure session now!


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