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I serve women owned small businesses here at Madalyn Yates Creative. Together we create a strategic plan to bring heart & soul to your brand through storytelling photos & beyond.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me hanging out in my office, sipping on a latte at local coffee shops, baking something delicious & traveling the world.


One of the very first questions I get from potential clients or even clients that have recently booked their branding experience is, “Where should I take my branding photos?” Well, friends, I am going to share my 5 Favorite Locations for Branding Photos! And guess what? These aren’t specific to North Carolina so even if you’re on the other side of the country, these may work for you! Let’s dive in!

Podcast Branding Portrait for Business Coaching

A Local Coffee Shop

If you’re someone who works on the go and loves to support local, finding a coffee shop that fits your branding (think colors, lighting, environment, etc) then I say go for it! You can set up your office and we can take some great behind the scenes photos so you can showcase your client experience that way! Here is a local to Greensboro coffee shop that I enjoy shooting at, Union Coffee Co.

Your Local Hotel

If you’re looking for an indoor, high-end backdrop then finding a hotel in the area would be a great idea! Depending on where you inquire with just be aware that there may be additional fees to use the space. Again, pay attention to the decor & offerings that the hotel has and find ways to incorporate their space in your brand photos! I have yet to do this but I love the idea of it! Here is an example nearby, Hotel Denim

Photographer Branding for a Candle Maker Madalyn Yates Photography

An Event Venue

This is a wonderful option for those who are in the wedding industry and they are planning their branding session! Finding a venue to foster a relationship with is essential! It’s also a great way to start a relationship where you can refer them to your clients and vise versa! One of my all-time favorites in my neighborhood is McAlister Leftwich House

A Park in the Neighborhood

If you’d like to have a variety of lifestyle photos for your brand choosing a park with great views is an awesome way to do that! You could do your family portraits at a part and show your personality this way! This is great for more lifestyle images for your brand! Something like this location in Asheville, Jump Off Rock

Picnic Branding Photos in Asheville, North Carolina

Your Own Home

Last but not least, I think every business owner should do this from time to time even if you don’t work within your home! Showcasing you in your own space tells a story and your personality like no other location. Some ideas for photos include; sipping coffee on your couch or sitting on your front porch with your significant other or furry friend! I know not everyone what’s to include their personal space but I love it!

Branding Photos for Entrepreneurs In Home Branding Session with Madalyn Yates Photography

So those are my Top 5 go-to locations for branding photos! Are you ready to make the best decision for your business? Let’s chat!


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