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Being in the wedding industry, I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few talented wedding professionals. It just so happens that Harmony Weddings & Events was one of the many wedding planner teams I met and got to work alongside many times! Aneesa and her team are some of the most kind-hearted, detail-oriented, fun planners for weddings and any other life moments like birthday parties and bridal showers!

Before I recap about Harmony Weddings Branding Session, I want to share a short story on Aneesa! Aneesa and her husband Nathan started Harmony Weddings & Events back in 2015 and have served over 300 couples thus far! Not only do they own Harmony but they also bought an industrial building in Graham, NC, and converted it to a gorgeous wedding venue called The Graham Mill. The Graham Mill is one of my go-to venues for branding sessions, lifestyle sessions, you name it and it’s a wonderful backdrop for your occasion! Click here to take a peek at one of the branding sessions I did there a few weeks ago!

Alright, well the moment you’ve all been waiting for … let’s dive into Harmony Weddings Branding Session!

The First Chapter

One of Aneesa’s biggest requests was to provide a mini branding session for each of her planners on the Harmony Weddings team so I started by photographing each gal. These sessions were 10 minutes each and I encouraged each gal to bring personality to their session – it was so fun to see what they chose to bring for props! In addition to the fun props and personality, we used a beautiful mauve seamless backdrop so that the Harmony Weddings website would have consistent headshots on the Meet the Team page! Once we finished with the headshots on the backdrop, I gave the gals the option to have a few minutes at their backdrop of choice; brick walls, white barn doors, or a desk set-up!

Photographing 14 gals was such a fun experience and each of them brought so much joy & personality! When a company has an extensive amount of team members, sometimes you may not realize that because you only work with 1 or 2 of them for your event, so by creating these images, you’ll know each member – this is essential for running a business with a brand!

Harmony Weddings Branding Session Large Group Branding Photos with Madalyn Yates Photography

The Second Chapter

Once we finished up with individual headshots for each of the Harmony Weddings team members, we moved on to the full team photos! With such a large diverse team having some fun, personality-filled team photos are so important for their website and social media so that they can showcase what it’s like to work with such a family-like team of wedding planners! Aneesa wanted to do a few in the Harmony branding colors and then we switched into a work-like wardrobe of all black; it’s an outfit that they’d wear to an event so having photos in that uniform is also important!

The Third & Final Chapter

As a team of uber-talented wedding planners, design plays a huge part in their practice! At the end of individual & team photos, Aneesa invited Rebecca with Rebecca Rose Events to come and teach the Harmony gals a hands-on design class! While the team was learning all about design, I stayed and photographed them to showcase how they are always learning new tips that they can use for their next wedding or event.

Well, that’s a wrap-on week four of the client features! Thanks for checking out this branding session for Harmony Weddings & Events! If you’re interested in learning more about Harmony Wedding & Events services, be sure to click here! And if you’re ready to book your branding experience, I’d love to chat with you! Click here to book your coffee chat! xoxo, Madalyn

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