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Raise your hand if you like to pick out your outfits? Aside from picking your props, choosing what to wear for your branding photos can be tricky so I am here to help! Let’s shop together whether it’s at your local Target or in your very own closet!

All About the Accessories

Before we dive into 3 outfits that every branding session should have I want to talk about choosing your accessories! By choosing the right accessory you can make the outfit so much better and create more variety so that your photos last you longer! When I pick out my accessories, I always choose a statement earring and a headband. Most of the time, these pieces are a bold design or a print to offset the solid shirt or dress I am wearing!

And really quick, let’s talk about patterns! I know quite a few people who love all the patterns and that is good! I just suggest if you’re wearing one piece that is patterned, maybe have the other piece solid. This goes for individual pieces and each outfit; if you have too many patterns you might distract your audience’s eye and we definitely don’t want that!

A Cute Sundress

Who doesn’t love a cute sundress? One of my go-to outfits for updated headshots or even when I’m having my own branding photos done is a dress! A dress has movement and gives you something to do with your hands! And it’s very easy to layer a sundress with a blue jean jacket or a knotted t-shirt!

Jeans & A T-shirt

It’s likely that you may wear jeans and a t-shirt on a daily basis to work so it’s a great idea to include that outfit in your branding photos! You can choose from a variety of jeans; white, light washed, dark washed, colored, the list goes on! As far as the t-shirt, make it a fun graphic tee that shows your personality! I chose this magenta pocket shirt because I loved the way it fit and the boldness of the color!

A Skirt & A Tank Top

As I mentioned with the dress a flowy midi skirt also has a lot of movement! When being photographed, I know quite a few people tend to get nervous so when you have something (the skirt) to hold + some of your go-to dance moves, you’ll get some cute photos! I chose a tank top because it’s summertime but you could easily wear a short-sleeved shirt as well! It’s up to you and what makes you comfortable!

What to Wear for Branding Photos Branding Education

Well, that was fun! I loved switching gears and sharing a few tips on what to wear with you! These pieces can all be found at your local Target! If you’ve read this and you’re ready to book your branding experience, I’d love to chat with you! Click here to book your coffee chat! xoxo, Madalyn


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