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Hey there, friends! Y’all loved the last education blog post so I’ve decided to do another! This week we are talking all about negative space! Negative Space is the empty space around the subject of the photo! There are multiple reasons why I love to include a few images with negative space so let’s walk through them!

Give Valuable Tips

By having an image with negative space, you can use Photoshop or Canva to add text to the photograph! If you’re an educator, you can add steps to create a blog post or tips on how to do what it is you educate your audience on! Another tip when you do this is to use your brand fonts when writing these tips! With both Photoshop and Canva, you can import your own fonts so that everything is consistent!

Create A Website Banner or Hero Image

If you browse websites, you’ll notice an image at the top and that is called your hero image! A hero image can also be on other parts of a website and when you have a hero image with negative space on the left or right, you create a clean welcoming presence!

How to Use Negative Space Branding Photography
Website designed by Karima Creative / Photography by Madalyn Yates Photography

Share A Quote or A Testimonial

Sharing testimonials are so important for your business! By doing so you’re sharing with potential clients about other transformations that you’ve provided all while showing your work and the person that you served; it’s a win-win!

Branding Photography Education Madalyn Yates Photography
Client Lucy Miller Photography / Photography by Madalyn Yates Photography

Create a FB Cover Photo

With the popularity of Facebook groups and community building for your business and brand, creating an eye-catching cover photo is helpful! You can simply use a photo of you with your group title in the negative space! My client, Hannah with FitByHan does this really well! The original image didn’t have the text & she went in and added her logo!

Negative Space Branding Photography Education
Photography by Madalyn Yates Photography

To Digital Impose a Graphic

And lastly, if you have a photo with negative space, you could easily remove yourself from the image and place yourself in another graphic or vise versa! When you have negative space, you can add graphics or even other images to the photo! So, for this one below, I shot Sarah from Local Type holding her phone with a black screen and now she can impose whatever she wants on it, like this email!

Email marketing branding photography
Website is done by client / Photography by Madalyn Yates Photography

Well, that was fun! I loved switching gears and sharing a few branding tips with you! If you’ve read this and you’re ready to book your branding experience so you can update your branding photographs with negative space, I’d love to chat with you! Click here to book your coffee chat! xoxo, Madalyn


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