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I am so excited to share with you a super fun & colorful brand shoot I had earlier this year! One of the best things about being a branding photographer is that I get to work with so many different brands let alone industries! From wedding professionals to nutritionists, I see it all!

Okay, let’s dive in! Planning a brand shoot for a nutritionist is not only energizing and refreshing to my creative eye but it also opened my eyes to how to make nutrition fun! When Chelsea with Nutrition Wellness Lifestyle reached out to me about helping her with her brand photography, I was so excited! A friend of mine in the industry, Chloe with Chloe Creative Studio actually referred Chelsea to me and I am so grateful she did – definitely check Chloe out if you’re in the market to rebrand! Okay, back to the shoot!

Chelsea and her sweet pup, Maple just relocated to the Raleigh area from Chicago so she was looking for a photographer to help her create images that weren’t Chicago specific while also capturing the lifestyle she leads and what she teaches her clients! We had such a fabulous time doing just that! Let me walk you through the day!

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The First Chapter

Like a lot of my branding experiences, we start with the In the Office chapter! Chelsea spends a lot of time in hers so we started there! As a nutritionist, she’s creating meal plans for clients, helping with negative self-talk, and just being the overall support they need while they’re trying to become a better version of themselves! I mentioned her sweet pup Maple and she even had a camera moment too! How many other work-from-home ladies have their four-legged children pop in on them from time to time? I know I do!

The Second Chapter

Well, the other part of Chelsea’s job is helping people with their eating habits so we headed into the living space for this next chapter and I am sooo glad we did! Chelsea’s house is stunning – talk about a showstopper! One of Chelsea’s big goals is to normalize healthy eating habits while having fun doing it! Not only did we capture Chelsea in the kitchen but we also set her up on the sofa where she is gathering inspiration for meal planning and I had her pick her favorite fruits and vegetables for some portraits! So so fun!

The Third Chapter

Last but not least, Chelsea wanted to do a few more lifestyle concepts that included wine, shopping & ice cream cuddles with Maple! Who says you can’t enjoy a glass of wine and be healthy at the same time? Not Chelsea! Who says grocery shopping has to be boring? Not Chelsea! And who says you can’t end your long day on the bed with a carton of ice cream? Not Chelsea! She’s so great at emphasizing all these things are NORMAL!

Well, that is a wrap for this brand shoot for a nutritionist! We had so much fun during this shoot! If you’re interested in learning more about Chelsea’s services, be sure to click here! And if you’re ready to book your branding experience, I’d love to chat with you! Click here to book your coffee chat! xoxo, Madalyn

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